Press These Points On Your Palm And Wait, The Results Will Amazed You


There are those days when people feel like they have  the whole world in the palm of their hands, which might be a bit lofty. However, there is a common belief that by pressing certain points on our palms, we can relieve pain in other parts of our body.


This is because each point of the fingers is connected with at least one organ in our body and emotion as well. You can solve different health issues just by pressing each spot for 3 to 5 seconds while taking deep, slow breaths. Here’s how you can do this method:


Due to the fact that the thumb is associated with the spleen and the stomach, if you feel stomach pain or a headache, you should press the tip of the thumb and it will bring you balance. Moreover, the thumb is also connected with depression and anxiety, so whenever you feel emotionally stressed, just do the same thing.

Index Finger

Pressing the index finger will help you solve your problems with your bladder and kidneys. Moreover, it will help you manage confusion, disappointment and fear. Beside that, you can also get rid of heartburn, back problems, toothaches and muscle pains, by pressing this spot.

Middle Finger

The middle finger is linked to the bladder and the liver, so if you have some health problems, just press it. Moreover, if you are indecisive or you are feeling irritable, just press the spot on this finger and your mood will improve in no time. Pressing this point will also help you relieve menstrual cramps, migraines, improve vision and blood circulation.

Ring Finger

Stimulate colon and lung function by pressing the ring finger. Beside that, it will also improve emotions like fear of rejection and negativity. By pressing this finger, you can also solve digestive problems, respiratory problems like asthma, and skin conditions.

Pinky Finger

Pinky finger is connected with the heart and the small intestine. Moreover, by pressing this point you can also solve issues with bones, bloating, throat pain and heart problems.

Base of the Thumb

If you have problems with coughs and respiratory distress, all you should do is to press this point. In order to improve your thyroid function, you should also press the base of the thumb.

Center of Palm

In order to alleviate digestive distress and abdominal pain, just press the center of the palm since it regulates the stomach.

Fleshy Part of Palm

Since the fleshy part of your palm is responsible for the heart and endocrine function, you should press it to balance out hormones and regulate heart issues.

Exterior of Palm

In order to control your sugar levels, just press the exterior of your palm, or when you need to deal with appendix issues.


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