How To Clear Your Sinuses With Just Your Fingers


Sinus blockage is a frequent health problem that affects people of all ages. The reasons are numerous and they vary from allergies to colds, and changes in the weather. Although people take medicines to treat this health issue, there are other ways that can help you alleviate the pressure felt by the blocked sinuses.


Moreover, these methods are highly effective in relieving a stuffy nose and are chemical-free, unlike the over-the-counter medicines. Did you know that pressuring specific points on your face can help you solve this problem in no time?

By applying pressure, excess mucus, the main reason for the blockage, is removed. Thanks to acupressure, the flow of fluid is stimulated and the nose is cleared of mucus, thus, helps you breathe more easily.


You’ll need to push your tongue flat against the roof of the mouth, and in the same time, you need to press your finger against the skin between the eyebrows. Hold the pressure for 20 seconds. You’ll probably feel movement towards the back part of your throat since the buildup will begin to soften once you release the finger and tongue.

If your forehead sinuses are blocked, Amber Lynn Vitale, a massage therapist, claims that you need to apply pressure across the eyebrows to encourage the movement of the mucus. Put the fingers at the starting point of each eyebrow, close to the central point between the two. Afterwards, lean forward your head resting on the elbows.

Slide the fingers to the middle of each eyebrow when you feel a pressure shift after couple of seconds. Hold the pressure until you feel relief once again. Next, continue by moving the fingers to the end of each brow. At this stage, hold a steady pressure or move the fingertips in circles to stimulate mucus flow away from the forehead. When the fluid begins moving, you’ll feel pressure in the center of the head.

Up for a mini massage?

Massaging is really amazing. It promotes proper blood flow throughout the body and betters the circulation and the oxygen and nutrient supply to body tissues. So, when you experience sinus pressure building in your head, according to therapist H. Wibbels, couple of quick rubs will lower the fluid from the head.


To begin, push firmly against the collarbone notch repeatedly by using your fingertips. If you’re doing everything right, you’ll probably feel like clearing your throat. Also, when the pressure reduces, your ears may suddenly open up.


Another method you can try out is to cross your hands to make a V shape and use the same pumping motion on the neck sides to make the lymph fluid moving. This will create suction in the lymphatic system which will drain the fluid deposits in the sinuses downward, away from the head.


Source: mrhealthylife


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