Coconut Oil Can Make You Look 10 Years Younger, See How


When we talk about health and beauty coconut oil is one of the most beneficial ingredients. In this article we will present few reasons for using coconut oil:


Here are few reasons why coconut oil is recommended for use:

Overnight care for the skin – Your face will be pure, clean and fresh after using coconut oil before sleeping. It will penetrate deeply in your skin and it will make it soft, nourished and flexible.

Cellulite cream of coconut oil – For many women cellulite represents enormous problem and coconut oil is best ingredient against it. Just mix coconut oil and honey, yes the recipe is simple like this. Apply from the mixture on your skin before sleeping and after only several weeks the cellulite will disappear.

Softener of cuticle – Massage your dried nail prone cuticles with coconut oil.

Varicose veins – Even studies agree that coconut oil is excellent for varicose veins. Massage your varicose veins with coconut oil.

Hand cream – If your hands are dry, coconut oil will make them soft and smooth again.

Chemical- free cream for shaving – Expensive and abundant in chemicals are all the shaving creams for the underarms and legs. Well, coconut oil is cheap and natural and is perfect natural alternative for shaving creams. Also, it will leave your skin hydrated after shaving.

Eyelash treatment – Before sleeping apply coconut oil to your lashes. Make up can cause hair loss and breakage over time so it is quite useful against it.


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