What Will Happen When You Start Doing Planks Daily


If you want to have a well-shaped body and to achieve full body strength, then the best exercise for you is planking. In order to have a very good core strength, arms, back and leg strengths, you need to perform this exercise on a daily basis, and the result will amaze you. In this article we will present you some of the benefits of planking.


These are the benefits of planking

Strengthened spine and back

Performing the plank on a daily basis will help you strengthen your back muscles without putting pressure on your hips or spine. As a result, your back pain will reduce and your back will get a support.


This exercise helps you stretch out which as a result will improve your standing posture, you will be more stable and stand straight since your stronger abs muscles have an effect on your back, neck, shoulders and chest.

Strengthened core

With the help of planking, you will engage all your major groups of core muscles which include: the external oblique muscle, the transverse abdomens, rectus abdomens and the gluts.

  • In order to get strong and well-shaped buttocks you will have to use your gluts.
  • Strong oblique muscles will provide you better capacity for side bends and waist twists.
  • Your six pack will become clearer.
  • Upper body strength improves and as a result you will be able to lift heavy weights.


As we previously mentioned, when you do plank you actually stretch your body. In other words, you open up your shoulders and shoulder blades. Moreover, your hamstrings are stretched, as well as your toes, fingers and collar bone too.  On the other hand, when it comes to side planks, they work the oblique muscles, stretching toes and ankles. As a result of planking, your arm strength will improve daily.


Side plank is also an amazing and beneficial exercise since it strengthens your abdominal muscles and improves your balance. Moreover, this exercise will increase your overall movement and flexibility as well, and you will be able to do yoga poses very easily.

Better Metabolism

Due to the fact that when you plank your body burns energy, the metabolic rate will remain high throughout the day if you plank on a daily basis.


As you already know, all kinds of exercises improve your mood, so planking is not an exception. while you are planking, the muscles that contribute to stress, tension and anxiety get a good stretching. Therefore, your brain will become calmer, especially if this is done on a daily basis.

As you can see, planking will not only shape your body but it will also help you feel amazing, so make sure to plank every day and enjoy its benefits.



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