She Got Locked Out Of Her Car So She Put A Tennis Ball Over The Keyhole And …



There’s nothing worse than locking yourself out of your car. You likely recall that moment of horror which washes over you once you realize what you have done.


You can screw around with a coat hanger and try to jimmy open the locking mechanism, you can walk miles back to your home to try and find some spare keys. Or you can try to borrow a phone (because you naturally left yours in the car) and call a tow service.

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All of these options pretty much suck.But this next option is actually the best of them all.It’s the tennis ball option.

Take a tennis ball and create a small hole on it. A hot key can work, or simply a screwdriver will also work. You can heat the screwdriver with either the flame from your stove or with a lighter, and then use it to burn a hole in the ball.Next, take the ball and press it against the lock with the opening facing the keyhole.

With both hands press the ball against the car door. Do this as hard as you can.

What this does is increases the air pressure inside the ball. The result? Your locking mechanism for the door becomes forced open, and your vehicle becomes unlocked.

This even works for new cars with electric locks. Just make sure to carry a tennis ball with you. Throw one in your purse for emergencies, or have one handy at home, work, or friends.


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