How To Make Ginger Plasters For Various Pains And Rheumatic Problems


Ginger is an amazing root with proven anti-inflammatory properties. Chinese people have been using it for thousands of years to relieve pain. Ginger is very beneficial to relieve muscle soreness, arthritis, headaches and to boost blood flow.


There are a lot of different ways to use ginger, such as including it into your meals or drinking ginger juice in the morning. But, you probably have not heard about ginger press and the benefit of that.

What is ginger press and the way to prepare it:

This natural treatment known as ginger press can be effective in easing pains caused by sore muscles, swollen veins, sprains and even rheumatism. You may feel a hot burning sensation, but you should not worry about that because it means that the remedy is working. Ginger press will target the source of your pain by penetrating deeply into the skin and will eliminate the pain you are feeling.

For preparation of ginger press you will need:

• Ginger root
• 2 tbsp of course sea salt
• 4 cloves garlic

How to make:

1. Pound the ginger very well.
2. Peel the garlic.
3. By using mortar and pestle mix the 3 ingredients until you get a combined mixture.
4. Take a sheet of plastic film and place the mixture on it.
5. Carefully apply the mixture on the affected area.
6. With the bandage secure the plastic film around the affected area.
7. It is recommended to leave the ginger press for about 6 hours.

Note: It is not advised to use ginger press on open wounds. Ginger is a fantastic cure from Mother Nature. It contains 12 compounds that are great for fighting inflammation. Ginger also lowers pain receptors in the brain and can be effective as drugs, like ibuprofen and aspirin without side effects, especially for long-term use.


Source: healthytipsworld


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