10 Worst Foods You Should Stop Eating



Modern living has brought numerous new foods and products, so we sometimes consume something far from a real food, or just a mixture of chemicals and artificial additives. Normally, these foods must be avoided in order to preserve the health! First of all, you need to start reading labels, as you will find out a lot about the content of the products you often consume.


Today, we will reveal 10 food imposters you should immediately eliminate from your diet!


Cheez Whiz is a “processed cheese”, a spreadable gook that contains a third of your daily fat and sodium all in two little tablespoons.  It is a heart disease in a jar.


When speaking of “cheese”, there are cheese cultures in that can, but the other stuff of which there is a bunch—did not come out of any cow. How did they get her to lactate into that little metal can?


They really resemble the real thing without using a nutcracker. You know it is not real crab by the cost—there is a real fish smashed together in there, however, it is seasoned with stuff like monosodium glutamate (MSG), salt, additives, and different added substances. Not the healthiest wellspring of omega-3s.


This drink consists of plenty of sugar along with the less than 2 percent orange juice solids, but the flavor of this drink comes from the artificial flavor.

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It will take less time to prepare a sandwich from jars of real peanut butter and jelly than it does to thaw one of these things. If you would ordinarily sprinkle artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, and azodicarbonamide on your lunch, then there should be a time savings there. Maybe they ought to be called “inscrutable” instead.


Organic tofu alone is good yet with all the additional stuff it seems just like something else. It is a stretch and may very well overwhelm any nutritional value with the added fat, salt, and sugar to get the right texture and taste.


It is known that to make it white, all the nutrients are removed, the flour is bleached, then synthetic vitamins are added back in (that’s the “fortified” part). Whole grains have fiber and complex carbohydrates that are necessary for your body. With the wheat germ and bran taken out, the grain becomes a simple carbohydrate: it becomes sugar.


Here is an excerpt from the ingredients list for “Mood Morphers Fruit Punch” flavor: sugar (the second ingredient), dried corn syrup [sugar], corn syrup (yes, it’s there twice), fructose [sugar], maltodextrin [sugar]. There are pears from concentrate and grape juice from concentrate, too.


The white meat of the chicken costs a lot of money, so many producers of this frozen delicacy have chosen for a mixture of chicken parts (notice the term “parts”) packed together into clumps, then battered and fried. The fat and salt content are extremely high just like the sugar. Often the actual meat content is less than half the weight. The trade-off between convenience and nutrition is not warranted here.


There is no maple in this syrup—does not even taste like it. This syrup is a mixture of corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, water, and caramel coloring, there is no nutritional value—in contrast to real maple syrup, which is actually very good for you.

We all must be careful when it comes to what we eat. As for the items listed above, they are a no-brainer—eat real food instead.


Source: timeforhealthyfood


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