Why You Should Never Eat Farm-Bred Tilapia Again


When Americans decide to eat fish, they usually go for tilapia. But, we will give you a few good reasons to never eat tilapia again. Farm-bred tilapia, actually.


The real problem is in the farming methods. Unfortunately, wild tilapia is hard to find these days, and restaurants offer farm-raised fish.

Wild tilapia feeds on plants and algae, while farmed tilapia does not get any of this natural food, and lacks the natural fish oils. In other words, farm-bred tilapia does not provide any health-benefits at all.

Why is farm-bred tilapia bad for you?

  1. Inflammation

Studies have shown that farm-raised tilapia can cause severe inflammation, or worsens an already present inflammation caused by ailments like asthma, heart disease, and arthritis. People think that omega-3 fats in fish oil is good for their heart, and reduces the risk of sudden heart attack, but farmed fish actually increases this risk. Moreover, it is worse than bacon and hamburgers.

  1. Cancer-causing pollutants

Farm-bred fish gets in touch with cancerous pollutants and chemicals than wild tilapia. Nitrofuran and dyes like malachite green cause cancer, and these substances have been found in samples of farmed dish.

  1. Pesticides and antibiotics

Farmed fish is also “enriched” with pesticides and antibiotics. It is because it lives in tightly packed ponds, which makes them more prone to diseases. Diseased fish are stacked with antibiotics. Some fish are also treated with pesticides in order to get rid of sea lice. Pesticides also harm the environment, because they may end up in the sea, and destroy marine life.

  1. Low omega-3 to omega-6 ratio

Farmed tilapia does not provide the same nutrients as wild fish. The ratio of omega-6 to omega-4 fats is 11 to 1, which means that the fats you get from farm-bred fish are not that healthy. Excessive consumption of omega-6 fatty acids causes numerous health problems.

  1. Too much dioxin

Dioxin is commonly found in farm-raised fish. The slightest exposure to dioxin causes skin lesions and harm liver. Long-term exposure affects immunity, and your nervous, endocrine and reproductive systems. Chronic exposure to dioxin may trigger the development of abnormal cancer cells.

Keep in mind that farm-bred tilapia does not give you the nutrients you are likely to get from wild fish. Eat healthier varieties, and always eat wild tilapia if possible.


Source: naturalcuresandhomeremedies


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