How To Remove Warts Naturally With This Homemade Remedies


Many people worldwide are dealing with warts and they would do anything to get rid of them. If you are one of those people, it’s your lucky day since in this article we will present you several folk remedies that will help you remove warts in natural way. The most common cause for warts is the virus group known as papilloma virus.


Papilloma virus is usually transmitted through direct contact, but there are some rare cases when it gets transmitted through indirect contact with objects or auto-inoculation (an occurrence when the wart virus infects the surrounding healthy skin from the same person).

If you didn’t know, warts are hard, semi-circular, beans-sized, peas-sized or lentil-sized nodules. When they appear, they have the same color as your skin, but after a while, they becme yellow-grey due to hyperkeratosis. Moreover, they also have ragged and unsymetrical surface and they usually occur in groups.

New warts or also known as warts satellite usually appear around an existing one which is always bigger than the plantar warts.

Young people and children are the most affected group and they usually occur on the dorsum of the hands and fingers. For instance, warts can appear under the fingernails of children who nibble nails, which are known as subungual warts. They are very hard to treat and if not treated properly and on time, they can lead to permanent nail loss.

Sometimes warts disapper on their own, but there is always a risk of their reappearance.

Fortunately, there are some homemade folk remedies you can use to remove warts naturally:

Recipe No1:


  • 3.3 oz (100 ml) of apple cider vinegar
  • rind of two lemons

How to make:

First of all, cut the lemon rind.

Next, mix both the ingredients together and then put the mixture in a glass container. Close the container and let it stand for a week.

How to use:

All you have to do is to apply this amazing solution on the warts several times per day. After a while, the warts will start drying out and fall away.

Recipe No2:

For preparing this recipe, you are going to need:

  • cotton and bandage or a plaster
  • two eggs, fresh

How to make:

Bake the egg shells for a half an hour on a baking paper in the oven previously turned on 250 degrees.

Let the shells cool down. After that, cut them, crush them or the best way is to grind them into powder.

The powder needs to remain dry, so make sure to store it in a glass container closed with a lid.

How to use:

Apply great amount of the powder on the warts, apply a piece of cotton on top of it and use a plater to fix it. Repeat this method until the warts are gone.


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