Million Children Meditating For World Peace In Thailand



In Thailand in over 5 000 schools, and more than one million children are praying for the world peace by meditating. This is one of the greatest gatherings ever.


They think that meditation has enormous power, which will release your mind.  According to some experts, meditation offers a direct connection with the Source. For some people, God is the root of creation and power.

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It will release a lot of energy which will give you the inner peace.

We are stuck in a materialistic physical world without being aware of the fact that our world is only a piece of a greater invisible puzzle. Quantum physicist say that everything around us is pure energy. This means that we have the ability to influence the world we live in, because everything is made from electro-magnetic energy. As mentioned before we release such invisible creative power. Think about it.

Some people consider that inner peace will give you outer peace.

The dark forces are going to increase the stress, materialism, anxiety, competition and fear which will disable the proper function of the organism.

This is what makes meditation so powerful. It provides a harmonious feeling and inner peace. It reveals our potential. You are not weak; you can change the world. But, first you should change yourself.

We all have the potential of the Gandhi and Luther King, but we need to change the inner us. Meditation presents the only thing which is a luxury and everyone can afford it because it is for free.


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