Shocking, What This Woman Pulled Out From Her Leg Using Tweezers



It took several attempts for the woman to get a good grip on the unidentified bug before she was finally able to pull it out.


This is the stomach-churning moment a woman yanks out a bizarre-looking parasite that appeared to have embedded itself in her leg.

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Reaching for a pair of tweezers, the woman grabs hold of the brown, scab-like creature and attempts to pull it out of her skin.

But it seems the parasite is buried a little deeper than first thought, as it takes her several attempts to finally get a good enough grip on the creature.

It doesn’t come easily. It took her several attempts before she gets a tight grip on the unknown parasite.

Finally, she manages to remove the creature, leaving a small deep hole behind.

Below you can watch the video:

Video source: shannon shields
Source: healthysolutionsmagazine


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