How To Remove Nail Polish Without Acetone


Surely you ever happen to run out of acetone in the cosmetic bag, precisely when you need it most. To not be with outstanding manicures, here are a few tricks that will help to remove the nail polish, when you do not acetone.


Although effective, these methods should often repeat.

Nail polish

Apply another layer of the same polish that already have on the nails. Wait 10-15 seconds and on the existing layer, apply another from above. The new layer will soften the old polish, so take cotton and clean the fingernails.


Apply a little deodorant on the nails, wait 10 to 15 seconds, take the cotton and remove the polish. Unlikely to succeed on the first attempt, so re-apply on the nail some more deodorant, and repeat this procedure until it remove the nail polish.


A perfume can help you in fairly emergency situations. The best procedure is to perform outdoors, because the smell will be strong. Several times apply the perfume of cotton and with rubbing gently try to remove the nail polish.


Source: healthexpertgroup


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