Boost Your Metabolism, Regulate Blood Sugar And Reduce Fat With This Healing Recipe



Healing properties of sauerkraut or pickled cabbage scientifically validated, but not exploit enough

Ingredients for 2 persons:

  • 250 g sauerkraut
  • 1 apple (organic)
  • 2 tablespoons raisins or cranberries (or a spoonful of scrambled)
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil


How to make:

Chop sauerkraut as a salad. Apples with bark grate and mix with cabbage. Add the raisins, spoon oil and toss lightly. Finally add a little cranberry and raisins for decoration. Exceptional quality and healthy salad with some unusual taste, but effective!

Healing properties of pickled cabbage scientifically validated, but not exploit enough, so let’s recall some of them:

Raw and pickled cabbage prevents vitamin deficiency, treat the lining of the digestive organs and protects against breast cancer.

Rich in minerals and potassium which promotes the excretion of excess fluids and treating illnesses incurred as a result of disorder of metabolism (gout and rheumatism) and sulfur cabbage provides antiseptic action. Cabbage and sweet brine helps in chronic constipation.

Fresh and healthy leaves of cabbage used for bets. They should be washed, dried, to remove the thickened parts to soften before placing the sore spot, and slightly heated. The leaves are fixed with a bandage.

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Coatings will assist in:

Coatings assist with bronchitis and asthma (to act overnight), abscesses, ulcers, dermatosis, sores, sunburn, mosquito bites and bruises.

Before applying the coating, wound or ulcer should be cleaned with mild alcohol or chamomile tea.

Coatings are placed and part of the abdominal pains, diarrhea and inflammation. They are useful in cancer and inflammation periods.

Fresh cabbage juice helps bronchitis (honey), diseases of the intestines, stomach ulcers, digestive upsets, cough, hoarseness, hangover, anemia …

Juice works only if it is fresh. We get so cabbage (500 g) clean, grated, slightly salted and let stand. The mass strain through double layer gauze and add a little lemon juice. Consumed between meals.

Pickled cabbage should be eaten uncooked. With the heat treatment is lost most of the SPA lactic acid, can cause cramping and gas in the stomach.

Pickled cabbage is rich in calcium. Uncooked cabbage is excellent against vitamin deficiency; bleeding in the mucous membranes in general and weaknesses, so in such cases must be consumed daily.

It is extremely healthy and if the cabbage in her souring added leaf vines, grapes, slices of melon and apples, corn, fennel and a pinch of salt.

Only in sour cabbage Vitamin U is present, beneficial in stomach ulcer.

Sauerkraut has extremely healing properties:

– Improves mood due to improved utilization of protein

– Enhances the immune system and makes it more resistant to stress

– Activates the exchange of substances in the brain and nerves

– Stimulates and warehousing absorption of iron in the blood

– Assist the production of red blood cells

– Having stimulate the cells and rejuvenates

– Helps build bones

– Regulates and reduces excess fat and cholesterol in the blood, and also stimulates the metabolism of fat cells

– Strengthens immunity, increases muscle strength

– Contributes to the recovery of connective tissue.


Source: mycentralhealth


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