22 Foods Rich In Vitamin D And Calcium To Protect You From Diabetes, Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer And Heart Attacks


Dairy products are mostly valued for their high calcium and vitamin D content. But, lactose intolerance has become one of the leading health issues in the 21st centuries. Lactose has also been linked to allergies in both children and adults. Vegans are another group of people commonly exposed to a risk of calcium and vitamin D deficiencies. If you belong to any of these groups, it doesn’t mean that you should deprive your body of these vital nutrients by cutting out dairy from your diet.

The thing is calcium and vitamin D are found naturally in a wide range of foods and beverages, some of which provide an even higher content than milk. The info-graphic below shows the top foods high in vitamin D and calcium. By including these into your regular diet, you don’t only improve your overall health, but you also protect yourself from diabetes, heart diseases, breast cancer and colon cancer.



Source: healthyfoodteam


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