How To Cure Uterus Tumor, This Woman Discovered A Powerful 3 Ingredients Mixture


Have you heard of a woman named Veselina Stevic? If you have never heard of this courageous woman then today’s your lucky day!


She was diagnosed with a tumor in her uterus and rather than subject herself to a rigorous chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment routine, she decided to heal herself using purely natural means.

While searching for alternative herbal remedies she stumbled upon an aloe vera natural recipe which she began to use and to great effect.

In just over a period of one month of consistent administration of this herbal remedy her tumor had begun to shrink significantly and within two months it had completely vanished without a trace.

Veselina says that for anyone to achieve the feats she has accomplished they will need to start a special diet that is rich in vitamins.

They will also need to take this recipe regularly


  • Aloe vera juice – 100 gram
  • Walnuts (ground) – 500 grams
  • Pure natural honey – 300 grams

How to make:

-Mix the Aloe juice with the walnuts and honey until you get a homogeneous mixture.
-Pour in a glass jar and refrigerate.

How to use:

-Take a glass of this recipe in the morning and evening.

If you have a uterus tumor then this remedy will be right for you.


Source: healthyfoodusa


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