How To Drink All Night Without Getting Drunk


The situations where we are going out for a drink to get drunk are not frequent or recommended, but sometimes they just happen…


Such situations can quickly become quite unpleasant (and sometimes dangerous) because before the next going out with friends or going to a wedding or celebration try to serve our self with this trick.

If you do not have a high tolerance for alcohol, your ally for assistance may be YEAST!

All you need to do before going out is to take a cup of this mixture:

A teaspoon of active yeast (for each beer you plan to drink) and sometimes is even easier and more efficient to mix with yogurt, because of easier for consumption.

Active dry yeast has an enzyme which can dissolve alcohol molecules of carbon, hydrogen and air. It’s the same process that occurs in the liver when it processes the alcohol. When the alcohol will meet with the enzyme in the stomach, the degradation process is beginning, and the liver is facilitated. If the stomach has the same enzyme when it arrives alcohol, this enzyme will start to decompose before reaching the bloodstream and brain. But this will only mitigate its effect and will completely eliminate.


Source: healthexpertgroup


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Written by Martin

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