Perform This Massage Every Night And Your Bally Fat Will Be Gone


Perform this simple massage every night before going to bed and your belly fat will be gone.

Unfortunately, many people around the world are struggling with a common problem, belly fat.


Stomach fat which form a kind of ring around the waist, for many can be a source of uncertainty, and in some cases, it is indication of serious health problems.

Experts claim that stubborn abdominal fatsaccumulate for various reasons, ranging from age,poor diet full of sugar and processed foods, lack of sleep and even stress.

The best solution to eliminate fat is timely identification of the problem and its removal, butsometimes, even with a healthy diet and exercise,abdominal fat can not be reduced.

If your body is facing a major toxic landfill or your eating habits are unhealthy, fat loss can be very slowor may not be happening at all.

But do not worry, in addition to the text you readabout one simple and phenomenal massage that will help you get rid of the belly fat.

Chinese abdominal massage:

Renowned expert Dr. Steven Chang who practicedWestern and Chinese medicine, says that а two minutes massage can provide a kind of internalexercise that cleanses and detoxifies the body, and thus contributes to the rapid melting of fat.

And also you need to know that the technique of the Chinese medical massage combines different types of exercises to improve the digestive system and improves the body’s ability to detoxify and removewaste. The advantages of this technique can include:

  • Melting belly fat
  • Improving the efficiency of the digestive system
  • Detoxification of the intestines
  • Eliminating constipation
  • Stimulating the internal organs found in the stomach
  • Improve circulation in the abdominal part
  • Relief from some symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and poor digestion

For best results, this technique should be made twice a day, before breakfast and before bedtime. To perform the Chinese medical massage is necessary to follow these simple instructions:

First, you should lie on your back on a firm surface.

Then, rub the palms from one another. Rub them until you feel they are quite warm.

Place one palm on the abdomen on top of the navel.

Start by rubbing in small circles around the navel, with gradual expansion and increasing circles. Whilepressing neither too strong nor too gently.

Notice: Focus on the heat, it needs to be accumulated in the abdomen.

For a period of two minutes you should do about 40-50 circle movements. For all this time the stomachneed to be heated all the time.


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