You Must Have One Of These Plants Oxygen Bombs In Your Home


Plants are those things that give us oxygen, and improve our life. We need to be surrounded with different plants, in order to have clean air, and a lot of oxygen.


This is the reason why we advise you to have several plants in your home. You will have clear air just like outside.

Last researches made by NASA, proved that there are certain plants which are acting like an oxygen bomb.

In addition we are going to present you 6 plants, approved by NASA, which you need to have it at home.

  1. Ficus (FicusElastica): This plant has very simple maintaining process, because it doesn’t need a lot of attention and light. This is one of the best air cleansers, and you need to have it in your home.
  2. Aloe: This plant is going to increase the oxygen level at your home. It will absorb carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and formaldehyde.
  3. Spider plant (Chlorophytum Comosum): This is the plant which is capable to make the photosynthesis done, even under the minimal light. Spider plant is able to absorb all the toxins from the room . This plant can cleanse the air in radio of 200 square meters of space.
  4. Ivy (Hedera Helix): This plant is necessary. 60% of the room toxins will be eliminated, only from Ivy. 58% of feces particles within 6 hours from the moment it is brought in the zone.
  5. Peace lilies (‘’Mauna Loa’’ Spathiphyllum): This is great plant when we are speaking about removing toxins. This presents a herb which will filtrates trichloroethylene from the air.
  6. Snake plant( Sansevieria Trifasciata ‘’Laurenti’’): The snake plant is almost indestructible and having it in the home it great. It is extremely resistant and only needs very little light in order to make photosynthesis. Besides being able to remove toxins, the plant is great for keeping it in the bedroom because it is able to produce oxygen at night.

NASA according to last researches, claims that you need to have from 15 to 20 plants on 500 square meters of place.


Source: healthherbs365


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