Remove Your Problem With Blackheads And Minimize Your Pores In Natural Way


One of the most common issues that are calling on your face, are the blackheads. They present one of the most common skin issues. It is very annoying and you need to eliminate them.


They are appearing on the face, when dead skin cells and oil build up at the opening of the hair follicle.

They are appearing by:

  • Age
  • Improper skin care
  • Genetics
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Excessive oil secretion
  • Pills

The process of appearing of the blackheads and their elimination is not painful. The most common place where these are appearing is the nose.

You need to treat your skin properly, so in case you are using this you will have clean skin.

The skin need to be cleaned totally from the root.

Wash your face with warm water because the warmth will open the closed pores. The next thing you do is apply the cleanser in circular motions three times. Make sure you never use cleansers with oil and alcohol because these ingredients dry or irritate the skin. Finish with washing your face with cold water to close the pores. Pat-dry your face.

In addition we are going to present you one of the best cures for blackheads.

One of the best natural treatments for blackheads is a mixture of milk and nutmeg. The lactic acid in milk removes the dead skin cells, while the nutmeg removes the bacteria. To prepare the mask use 1 tbsp. milk and ½ tbsp. ground nutmeg. Apply the paste on the blackheads. Leave it on for 20 minutes then wash off. To get clear and soft skin, do the treatment twice a week.

It’s also important to keep your skin well-hydrated and nourished, and honey and lemon are the perfect combination for this. Lemon will remove bacteria from your skin, while honey will nourish it with all the essential nutrients. Simply, rub your face with these two ingredients, leave on for 10 minutes then rinse.


Source: healthherbs365


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