How Singing Changes Your Brain


Singing has been proven to provide incredible health benefits.

Lung Workout

Spending a lot of time singing activates the abdominal, intercostals muscles, and the diaphragm, which in turn gives the lungs a workout.  It also stimulates circulation and reduces muscle tension.


Improves Your Mood

Singing releases the same chemicals and hormones as chocolate and sex do, meaning that they improve your mood and give a sense of relaxation.  It releases endorphins as well, which in turn boosts energy and prevents lethargy.

Clears Sinuses

While participating in the act of singing, you are cleaning and clearing out the sinuses and respiratory tubes.

Builds Community

Singing has a wide plethora of mental benefits, but it also promotes social health benefits, such as wellbeing, empowerment, confidence, and lowers the feeling of loneliness and isolation.


Singing works as an amazing therapeutic!  It is a form of release due to the release of stress and other qualities which can cut down happiness.  In brief, produces satisfying and therapeutic sensations and lessens stress.

According to a few study, singers were found to have lower levels of cortisol, which means lower stress.  Many studies confirm that singing relieves anxiety and leads to better and quality life.


Source: themagicoflife


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Written by Martin

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