See What Happen When You Place Matches In The Flower Pots


A women decided to place matches in the flower pots, and the reason for that is simply amazing!


Indoor plants not only provide comfort and warmth to your home, but also increase the concentration of oxygen in the room.

Unfortunately, it happens the plants to start to dry up for unexplained reasons. Tiny pests, flies and similar insects that are difficult to spot with the naked eye may contribute to this reason.

Fortunately, there is a simple trick that is revealed by a housewife to quickly get rid of tiny flies in your flowerpots. And it will take just a few matches.

Simply stick them with heads in the ground at a distance of 2 inches from the edge of the pot and pour the flowers. After 2 days, the matches should be replaced with new ones, and after 4-5 days all the pests, flies and similar insects will disappear.

You will no longer need to poison your indoor flowers with insecticides. Phosphorus and sulfur, contained in matches, will penetrate the soil and safely release the plant from unwanted guests. And it’s perfectly safe for your plants.


Source: finelivingadvice


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Written by Martin

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