Doctors Are Urging: Parents, Keep Your Kids Baby Teeth


The first sign for kids that they are growing up and getting bigger is losing their tooth. A lot of people put a little cash under their child’s pillow and pretend that it is from the “tooth faiy”


If someday you have kids on your own, you should take on the time-honored role of tooth fairy and put some money under your kid’s pillow in order to celebrate the new stage In their life. Sometimes kids buy a little something for themselves, but one little boy decided to pay it forward with a kind gesture.

When it comes to the tooth, some people tend to keep it as a sentimental keepsake, while other toss it.

However, a baby tooth can be very important, so it shouldn’t be thrown away.

In 2003, a study was conducted which showed that baby teeth are a rich source of stem cells, which are like protocells that can be grown into multiple kinds of cells if needed.

As a result, if at some point later in life the child needs replacement tissue for whatever reason, the stem cells from their baby teeth can be used to grow the needed tissue. This is preatty amazing, isn’t it?

This means that there is a potential to save lives and treat a variety of ailments just by storing baby’s teeth.

Losing baby teeth is a rite of passage for kids everywhere. Almost all of us remember that little wiggle that let us know something is changing, and then the weird absence of a tooth when it finally fell out.

However, we mostly remember the promise of a cash reward, courtesy of the tooth fairy. This tradition is linked to old Norse culture where baby teeth were considered goof luck.  Different cultures around the world have their own specific traditions when it comes to baby teeth.

Nevertheless, it turns out that baby teeth can bring luck and fortune, but it is associated more with medicne than with magic.

Modern medicine is pretty amazing, and there is a proof for that. In 2003, one study determined that baby teeth contain stem cells. The best part is that if they are preserved quickly after falling out, the stem cells can be stored for years and kept in case of later medical problems in life.

When you are a kid, you think getting a dollar for your tooth is cool, but when you are an adult and you find out that you have the chance to grow any kind of tissue, from heart cells to brain cells, and repair damaged tissue, than you realize that this is even cooler than a dollar.

However the catch here is that the baby teeth need to be kept fresh because stem cells degrade and lose their potency over time. This is the reason why you can’t simply keep your child’s baby teeth in a box.

Parents should actually use services like Store-A-Tooth to properly preserve their children’s teeth.

In order for the stems to remain intact and usable for years, the teeth are placed in a liquid nitrogen cryopreservation vault.

Later in life, in case of an emergency, when the kid is already a grown up, the teeth are taken out of storage and shipped to their doctor.

In order to learn more about storing your baby’s teeth for your kids or grandkids, you should check out Store-A-Tooth.


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