You Will Not Buy Tangerines Again, Plant Them In Flowerpot And You Will Always Have Hundreds Of Them


The tangerine is undoubtedly one of the tastiest citric fruits and that’s why many people like it so much.

This citric autumnal fruit can offer you many health benefits. It strengthens the immune system, it contains anti-inflammatory properties, it helps you to have a proper lung functioning etc.


Fortunately, now you can cultivate your own tangerines at home, whether in the garden or in flowerpots! In this article, we are going to show you how you can cultivate this wonderful citric fruit and you will realize that it is very easy and economic.

How to make:

-Take a medium sized flowerpot and make sure that it has holes at the bottom. The holes will serve for drainage.

-In order to obtain a better drainage, you should use oranic soil and small stones in the bottom. You can also use a little of sand in the ground for a major ventilation.

-After that, sow the seeds and cover them very well, without pressing firmly.

-Put the flowerpot in an area where it can obtain sunlight.

Proper care:

-Make sure to water the plant when the ground feels dry to an inch deep.

-Always cut the broken or withered branches.

-You should put a little fertilizer rich in iron, zinc and magnesium from time to time.

-The tangerines must be gathered carefully without damaging them.


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