Reduce High Blood Pressure Incredibly In 5 Minutes By Massage This 2 Spots On Your Body


High blood pressure is connected to increased levels of stress, lack of sleep, obesity, salty food, smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol. There is a moment when each person has issues with it.


Under stress or excessive physical activities, the muscles get tense, while blood vessels tighten and the pressure increases. What should we do in order to decrease its levels? The muscles need to be relaxed, but how?

Point number 1 – this is not even a point, but rather a line which goes behind the era lobule to the middle of collar bone. It should not be pushed over, nor massage, but rather gently pass through it going down from the lobule with the tip of the finger. Repeat this procedure 10 times on one side, and another round on the other side.

Point number 2 – this point is located on the face on the ear which is half a centimeter away from the ear in the direction of the nose. This point has to be massaged with the tip of the fingers for 1 minute on each side, you may push a bit, but without causing any pain. It is important that you feel a bit of pressure on that point. After this treatment, the blood pressure will return to normal again.

According to Chinese medicine, the most important thing is to have the right flow of blood in the muscles and tissues, and if there is a specific spot in the organism where there is a stagnation of blood, then certain disease starts to appear, while if that part is supplied with blood, then the organism will be able to cure itself. That is the reason why massage of specific body points help in curing.


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