These Bad Body Postures Are Deciding Your Future Health



Your posture profile can tell youif you will suffer from back pain in the future. ‘Leaning towers’ – whose heads lean forward or ‘bridges’ – who have arched backs are most at risk of suffering back aches and pains”.

These are the positions:

-Spoon Position


A position where women stand with rounded shoulders but a flat back. Like this you are likely to get back pain.

-Leaning tower


60 percent of women with this posture suffer from back pain. This is when woman’s head leans forward.

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-Bridge position


In this position women tend to have an arched back, which means they have an exaggerated inward curve in the lower back. This is the second worst position to get back pain.



This is a position of backs flat. With this position you probably won’t suffer from back pain. It has been reported that with this position women have never been through back or neck pains.

You need to try to keep your head and ankles in one line, according to Tim Hutchful, a chiropractor and a member of the British Chiropractic Association. He advises women not to worry about having an apple or an hourglass shape, but to worry on how they look from the side. You need to pau closer attention to the side profile of the body as it can help in identifying the triggers which cause back and neck pain. The perfect posture involves keeping your ears, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles in a line to help you give a neutral side. Those who want to improve the posture need to imagine that they have a plumb line that hangs from their ears to ankles with everything in the middle sitting on the same line. Stand in a relaxed way and then gently contract the abdominal muscles. When you sit, the gravity line will have to pass through the ear, shoulder and the hip.

Watch the video in order to understand the improvement of your body posture:


Video source: Howcast
Source: themagicoflife


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