Mom Cuts A Pool Noodle And Solves A Common Dinner Table Problem, Her Ideas Are Fantastic



Pool noodles are much more than fun pool toy. With a little bit of imagination, you can easily turn this water gadget into a multi-purpose item. Read on and learn how to use pool noodles effectively and make your life easier on the way.

  • Floating Ice Chest


Having cool refreshments while enjoying a hot day at the pool is a must. If you want to skip running to the fridge every half an hour, get some pool noodles to make this floating ice chest. That’s how you can always have an ice cold beverage at hand.

  • Funnel


To avoid spilling water all over the kitchen floor, use a pool noodle as an extra-long funnel. Simply hook it up to your sink, and control the flow of water.

  • Secure Gaps between Doors


Many households have the draft problem, especially if the weather stripping isn’t right. This can be a big issue in winter as the cold weather outside sneaks through the door. You can address this problem with a pool noodle – just fill the gap between the door and the floor.

  • Narrow Garage Problems


Parking in a narrow garage can be quite tricky. To avoid banging your car door against the wall and thus protect your doors from scratches, make a padded garage bumper with a pool noodle.

  • Plant Support


If you enjoy gardening, you’ll love this trick. Pool noodles come in handy as a support for plants instead of wooden stakes. What you do is cut the noodle lengthwise then fit it around the base of a plant. As the plant grows, add another piece. As an extra bonus, you can use different colors for a colorful garden!

  • Maintain Boot Shape


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Use pool noodles to maintain the shape of your boots when not wearing them. Make sure you cut the noodle to the height of each boot then place it inside.

  • No Creases!


Cut u pool noodle lengthwise then fit it around a hanger so as to create a soft curve. This will prevent creases on your pants when you hang them.

  • Napkin Rings



This trick is extremely useful when having a barbecue in your backyard or a picnic at the park. Cut a pool noodle in rings then use the ring as a napkin holder. This will prevent paper napkins drifting in the wind.

  • Say Bye, Bye To Stubbed Toes


Bed frames can be quite painful, especially if you are constantly hitting one. You can easily prevent hurt toes by cutting a pool noodle and wrapping it around each leg of your bed frame.

  • Save Poodle Remnants


Last, but not least, you can even make use of the noodle remnants. These make perfect pot fillers because they provide proper drainage. Plus, they’ll save you some money on soil.


Source: themagicoflife


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