What Happens To The Chemicals In The Brain When Smoking Too Much Cannabis


Everybody knows that in case you are high you will experience different conditions. But in case you smoke too much marijuana you will make harm to your organism, especially to your brain.


Last researches presented that too much consumption of marijuana will increase the levels of dopamine and the brain will be stock.

Increased dopamine levels will rise the willing of eating and sex, while striatum is responsible for memory, impulsive behavior and attention.

In case you have dopamine deficiency your organism is less functional.

It’s also thought that THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, could lead to addiction because of its ability to stimulate dopamine neurons. That’s a little more to worry about than just wondering where the pizza guy is.

Experts couldn’t find the real connection between the dopamine levels and smoking marijuana, but for sure there is one.

A study in 1998 also found that repeated exposure to THC over two weeks reduced prefrontal cortical metabolism in rats, lowering the dopamine levels there too. This shows that marijuana may have an impact on more parts of the brain than initially thought.

Although marijuana is legalized in a few countries and states, there are still long-term dangers yet unknown. Excessive use of anything whether it is drugs or even food can lead to adverse health effects, so moderation is key. The next time you’re playing Mario Kart in your friends’ basement, maybe try it sober.


Source: healthherbs365


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