See When You Need To Drink Hot And When Cold Water


Water is the most important substance in our life. Our organism is made from 70% water, so we need to drink water in order to make up the lost quantity of water. You also need to know the temperature of the water should be properly done, not too cold, not too hot.


We think about few degrees colder than room temperature , when we say cold water. Hot water is considered 4-5 degrees warmer than room temperature.

  1. When exercising

When you are doing some physical activity, the water you are drinking need to be cooler because you need to achieve balance in your organism.

  1. When having a fever

In case you are sick you need to drink cold water, in order to make a balance. Your body is worm and with a high temperature, when you drink water cooler you will achieve balance and the fever will be reduced.

  1. When tying to lose weight

Cold water helps you lose extra 70 calories per day and speeds up the metabolism . Although it is not enough just to drink water, it is good to know that 8 glasses of water gives the same result as walking for about 15 minutes.

You need to drink hot water:

  1. When having digestive problems

In case of digestive problems, your organism need to consume something which will help with the flora in the stomach, and the hot water will achieve that.

  1. During detoxification

You will get rid of the toxins in your body if you start your day with lukewarm water and a few drops of lemon. Besides lemon you can add apple , cinnamon, cucumber, mint, which also helps with detoxification.

  1. When feeling pain

If you are bothered by headaches or some easier inflammations, it is better to drink hot water. It stimulates blood circulation. Hot water can help women who are struggling with severe menstrual cramps.


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