Relieve Sciatica And Lower Back Pain With This Simple Tips



Sciatica is an extremely painful, debilitating condition which damages the mental and physical health. It leads to difficulties to walk, stand up, sit down, and other simple activities.


It can have numerous variations and causes, and is often referred to as back pain. The pain begins at the lower spinal area, and passes through the buttocks, ending at the back of the leg.

The name of the condition is a result of the sciatic nerve, as it is a result of the irritation, pressure, and pinching of several nerves that expand from the spinal cord to the sciatic nerves.

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In the case of a severe inflammation of the lower back and the nerves surrounding the spine, the person experiences extremely intense, radiating pain along the affected nerves.

The intensity of the pain may vary, from manageable to extremely severe and unbearable. Patients report that the pain also occurs in the case of sudden movements, like laughing, sneezing, coughing, sitting down, or standing up too fast, as they lead to a sudden flare up of the pain.

It is generally treated with a combination of medications and lifestyle changes. Patients are prescribed NSAIDs like Aleve, in order to cope with the pain and reduce the inflammation and swelling in the lower back.

Moreover, patients are recommended to strengthen the core and be physically active in order to protect themselves from flare ups. One of the best ways to achieve this is by stretching and yoga.

Additionally, in the case of sciatica pain, patients should avoid activities which apply stress on the lower back, like bending, and folding forward.

In the following video, Brett Larkin from the CureJoy gives a thorough explanation of the pain associated with the sciatic nerve and suggests some extremely effective stretches and exercises for its recovery.

We believe these tips will help you treat this condition and help you reduce its symptoms, and thus improve your health and wellbeing.


Video source: CureJoy
Source: healthyfoodhouse


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