This Is One Of The Unhealthiest Products On The Market, Cancer In A Can


Pringles is a popular brand of chips. However, according to newest research, they pose a threat to your health. Unfortunately, Pringles chips aren’t made solely of potatoes, but a mixture of potato flakes, corn, wheat, and plenty of additives. And, what’s more, some of these additives are known carcinogens and toxins.


During the production procedure, the ingredients are blended into dough and then pressed with molds to form the cut-potato shape. Next, the dough is fried in boiling oil followed by blow-drying. At the end, they are sprinkled with flavors and packed into plastic cans.

Research indicates that the by-product Acrylamide is the most dangerous ingredient in this well-known brand of chips. This carcinogenic ingredient has been proven to cause cancer in lab animals. And, it’s not only harmful to animals, but to the human nervous system as well. Moreover, Pringles contain more than the allowed amount of Acrylamide.

This toxin is formed during the food preparation at high temperatures. Hence, it’s a by-product of roasting, baking, or frying when the food is cooked at high heat and a yellow and brown crust is formed on the surface.

With this being said, foods cooked at temperatures higher than 100 degrees Celsius probably contain this toxin. In 2005, the state of California sued potato chips manufacturers because they didn’t warn their customers about the dangerous ingredients present in their products and the associated health risks.


Source: themagicoflife


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