How To Recognize An Fake Or Original Perfume



Sometimes, you can buy a fake perfume instead of the original, even in the big stores. Luckily, there are some things which can show you the difference and so you can recognize it is the original or fake.


Read carefully the following signs:

  • Packaging

The original perfume covers firmly tight cellophane that is not twisted.

  • Edge of packaging

Pieced seams where the package should never be greater than 5 mm if it is original.

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  • Cardboard

Original boxes are never without a special design. Also, if it is original, it should be made of cardboard with high quality.

  • Package inscriptions

Sign Eco packaging, which includes arrows in a circle, has a black arrow that always goes to the top, in terms of the brighter part. The opposite is for the copies.

  • The perfume design

You can find perfumes that are similar to the original name and design, so you need to be careful at what you are spending money on.

  • The color of the perfume

The perfume from popular brands often has brighter shades.

  • Cap of the perfume

You can find out if the perfume is original or fake by the cover which must be completely symmetrical in the original one.

  • The perfume bottle

The original perfumes are carefully made and each bottle is completely symmetrical.


Source: myilifestyle


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