What Will Happen If You Massage Your 3rd Eye



More than 5,000 years ago, alternative doctors discovered that pressing on certain body points provided benefits to the brain and other remote parts of the body. Today, we know of more than 400 such points on the body. One of the most important lies directly between the eyebrows at the nose bridge’s start. It’s called the ‘third eye’ acupressure point.


Why is the third eye point so important? Well, its physical, mental and spiritual benefits are so numerous that just about everyone can benefit from the regular stimulation of it.

Let’s explore this point further and look at how you can stimulate it right at home.

The Importance Of The Third Eye

The third eye point is the subject of many spiritual beliefs and practices. Many believe this is the point with which our brains and bodies communicate with the world of invisible energy patterns and auras.

From a spiritual perspective, stimulating the third eye point can lead to increased clairvoyance, perception and precognition.

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The third eye point also has great medical significance. Scientists refer to it as the pineal gland. The current belief is that this gland was originally supposed to evolve into a literal third eye. The efficiency of our existing two eyes negated the need for this function and so, the pineal glad evolved into something else – a hormone secretor.

The pineal gland releases hormones that drive everything from hunger and thirst to one’s biological clock, sex drive and aging mechanism.

When we combine these two theories – medical and spiritual – it’s not hard to see why people consider the third eye so important.

With that in mind…

How To Stimulate Your Third Eye

You can achieve stimulation of your third eye point by lightly touching and pressing it. You’ll want to hold the point for two minutes while you breathe deeply and slowly. You should notice a sense of calm and freedom from frustration, confusion, mental congestion and head pain.

Here’s another method.

Sit comfortably and place your palms together in front of your nose. Tilt your head forward. With your index and middle fingers, gently touch your third eye as if you’re praying.

Hold this pose and breathe deeply for up to five minutes. This will correct hormonal imbalances that lead to stress.

Here is a great method for massaging your third eye!

Looking for more ways to massage and activate your pineal gland? Music has also been used traditionally to achieve this by creating vibrations at certain frequencies which reach the gland.

Have a look at the video below for an example of such music.

Be sure to let us know how our pineal gland massage tips work for you!


Source: healthyofficial


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