How To Use An Apple To Get Rid Of Your Headaches Instantly


Headaches are a very common problem. People of all ages get headaches from time to time. They can cause unbearable pain along with nausea and, at times, vomiting.


Common causes of headaches are:

– stress, tension, restlessness, sinus problems, migraines, lack of sleep and dehydration.

Many people reach for over-the-counter medicines to get rid of their headaches. However, you can get instant pain relief using some easy and natural home remedies.

Researchers with The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation discovered that the smell of green apples had some positive effect on reducing the severity of migraines.
They found that the smell of green apples can reduce the brain-thumping symptoms of a migraine.
Inhalation can be the most direct delivery method of these important nurturing components, since the chemical messengers in the nasal cavity have direct access to the brain.

The researchers reported that patients who liked the smell of green apples experienced a significant reduction in the severity of their headaches, while patients who disliked the smell experienced no significant effects.

If you feel a headache coming on, you can cut a green apple in half and smell it. Or Try eating a green apple (with the skin on) as soon as you feel the beginnings of a headache.

Alternatively, a daily intake of apple cider vinegar helps to maintain the body’s acid-alkaline balance. Just take 2 teaspoons of organic apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. Do this 3 times a day to prevent and gt rid of headaches.


Source: themagicoflife


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