17 Years Old Boy Dies From Seizure After These Marks Form On His Neck


Julio Macias Gonzales was 17 years old, boy from Mexico. While he was eating his dinner he started convulsing. His parents called the ambulance, but he died even before they arrive.


The reason of his death is not epilepsy, or some allergic reaction.

Doctors eventually determined that Julio died because of a hickey his girlfriend had placed on his neck. The suction from that hickey, they say, created a blood clot that traveled to Julio’s brain and triggered a stroke.

A stroke expert has confirmed this. He declared:

“If you were to press on or otherwise damage the neck in that area where the carotid artery is going, potentially [the damage] could cause enough injury to tear the blood vessel, and cause a blood clot to form that could go to the brain and cause a stroke,”

You need to know this because it is high predictable for hickey to be the cause of death.

In the case of the latter, the condition is referred to as ‘beauty parlor stroke syndrome.’

The little damage on your neck will cause stroke. You can notice this right after washing your head at your hairstylist because the position in which your head is, will produce a stroke. You need to take care of this when you are at your hairstylist.

Among victims, the most commonly reported symptoms are severe headaches, dizziness and neck pain. This is followed by difficulty speaking, swallowing and/or using one side of the body.

Check out the video in addition and everything will get clear to you.


Video source: CBS New York
Source: healthherbs365


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