How To Keep Your Fruits And Veggies Fresher For Longer


Take a look at these 10 ingenious ways to keep your fruits and veggies fresher for longer period of time. You’ll be amazed by some!


In order for you to never dispose of the rotten strawberries or tomatoes, hold strictly to these tricks and tips:

1. The fruits should always be dry, so it is best to wipe before putting them in the refrigerator. This will prevent rotting and appearance of mold.

2. Do not wash the vegetables before putting them in the refrigerator. If you wash them, you will remove the protective layer that prevents rotting and sprouting.

3. Wrap the bananas in cling wrap and slow down the ripping process, thus making the bananas stay fresh for a longer period of time.

4. Some fruits and vegetables are not meant to be placed in the refrigerator. Such as peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes, they should be stored at a room temperature.

5. Never store onions and potatoes in a same place next to each other.

6. Keep the fresh fruits at the lowest place in the refrigerator, where is most cold. That way they will not lose the freshness and flavor.

7. Place one or more apples in the potatoes to make them fresher for longer.

8. Onions and garlic prefer dark places, such as paper bags with a few holes.

9. Wrap the celery in aluminum foil, because if you leave it in a bag will lose elasticity and flavor.

10. Broccoli and cauliflower prefer water. Put them in a small bowl with water and cover with a cloth, so put them in the fridge if you want to extend their freshness.


Source: finelivingadvice


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