Hidden Signs That Show Something Is Wrong With You



1. The hair becomes gray before you hit the 40s

If your hair is more than 50 percent gray before your 40th birthday, it can be a sign of diabetes.


2. The whites of the eyes aren’t pure white

This usually can mean that you are tiresome, but if the whites get to yellow, it can occur due to jaundice.

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3. Short eyebrows

If you lose hair of your eyebrows or if you have a hair loss, it can be a sign of a problem with your thyroid gland.

4. Wrinkled ears

The wrinkled ears can be a sign of cardiovascular disease.

5. Big breasts

One study from Canada discovered that women with a bigger breasts are more often exposed to the risk of developing diabetes.

6. Red palms

Red palms can be a sign of some liver disease.

7. Cold feet

This is happening because of problems with the cardiovascular system and circulation.

8. Swollen neck

This can be a sign of possible disease of your thyroid gland that usually causes problems in the women that are between 20 and 50 years.


Source: themagicoflife


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