See How To Balance Your Armpit Bacteria To Never Smell Again



Underarm odor is an issue most people have to deal with. Although, antiperspirants and underarm deodorants are commonly used to fight this unpleasant, and often embarrassing issue, research shows that in fact 80% of people don’t need to use these cosmetic products.


The thing is we smell the most when we sweat, and even though sweat itself has no particular smell, the bacteria that thrive in the armpit area make it smell. To be more specific, the amino acids and lipids found in sweat are broken down by bacteria thus turning it into a smelly substance.

As we already mentioned, antiperspirants are not indispensable for fighting body odor. The truth is they are often laden with harsh chemicals that can do more damage in the long run.

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The Armpit IOur Ecosystem

Similarly to the intestinal flora, the armpit has its own flora composed of beneficial bacteria. Once the balance is lost, usually as a result of some antibiotics and foods which allow problematic microbes take over beneficial bacteria, the end result is unpleasant odor. Balance is the most important thing when it comes to eliminating body odor naturally.

It INot Just About the Smell

According to a recent study, the whole body is connected to the microbial world. For instance, the gut microbiome is significantly influenced by dietary and lifestyle habits, as well as mood.

Read on and find out how to keep your microbiome in balance.

1. Don’t use aluminum-laden products because aluminum prevents sweating. A number of studies have also linked aluminum in body care products to many health issues.

2. Use milder soaps because most commercial soaps are loaded with SDS and SLS, which remove the protective sebum. The sebum the oil skin glands produce protects the skin and its micro flora owing to the good fats it contains.

3. Parabens and triclosan are powerful antibacterial agents that have the most adverse impact on the armpit microbial balance. They eliminate good bacteria thus destabilizing the microbial flora.

4. Check the label because the crystal deodorants are marketed as aluminum free, but, they still contain alum, which is actually potassium aluminum sulfate. Although this doesn’t mean they are entirely aluminum free, they’re still a better alternative than most other antiperspirants available on the market.


Source: timeforhealthyfood


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