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Bloating is a problem most women have to deal with. While most of bloating appears during the red-letter days of the month, some suffer from it all year round. Whether you feel that your jeans just shrunk on your belly did expand, no one wants a bloated belly. here are some easy ways you could banish the bloat for a healthy and sexy-looking you.


  • Ditch the sodium

Even though chips, instant noodles and other processed food are very tasty meals, they are filled with salt. When there is too much unhealthy sodium in the body that it doesn’t need, water retention occurs and thus you feel slightly puffy and bigger and you feel sluggish. In order to reduce that bloated feeling you should avoid consummation of salt and instead you should use fresh spices to add flavor to your food. Moreover, you should avoid processed and microwaveable meals, because these also have high in sodium content.

  • Replace your starch consumption

Starch contained in certain types of food contributes to bloating due to the fact that complex carbohydrates produce gas when are digested in the stomach. For instance, starch from corn, pasta, wheat and potatoes are lead to that condition. In order to get rid of bloated feeling, it is advisable to replace these starches with brown rice, which is abundant with fiber.

  • Say goodbye to spicy food

To get rid of that bloated feeling you should ditch Tabasco and Sriracha. When the tummy digest spicy food there is stomah acid are released, which actually causes irritation and makes the belly to balloon up fast.

  • Check if you are lactose intolerant

Medical experts explain that lactose intolerance often causes belly bloat. People who cannot process dairy, have gassy and crampy feeling after drinking milk or eating ice cream. In case you consider that you might be lactose intolerant, you should ditch the dairy and opt for lactose-free products such as soy milk, cheese and yogurt.

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  • Drink Green Tea

Tea is a natural diuretic and will encourage you to visit the toilet more often and therefore to get rid of stored water in your body. In addition to this, it is proven that green tea boosts metabolism, which the best way to burn more calories and also keep your body in shape and look slim.

  • Eat Potassium-Rich Foods

Banana is the perfect fruit as it is high in potassium content and it is useful in reducing bloat. Moreover, asparagine amino acid contained in bananas acts as a natural diuretic and leads it to flushing out the excess water retained in the system.

  • Avoid Carbonated Drinks

Juices and canned soda contain carbon dioxide gas that keep them fizzy. You should be aware that this ingredient is the culprit that makes your tummy to stand out after you have drank a bottle of cola. It is recommended to drink water and some healthier and refreshing drink.

  • Limit Sugar Alternatives

There are sugar substitutes that are high in sorbitol, which causes bloating, gas and diarrhea. Instead of using some of these alternatives, the best option is to use honey as it is natural sweetener.

  • Chew your food thoroughly

You should never rush your bites as forgetting to chew them properly is counterproductive and actually lessens the amount of acid your stomach produces to properly digest food. Moreover, bacterial gas is formed which causes bloated feeling.

  • Increase vegetables, fruits and fiber intake slowly

In order to have balanced diet and ensure that your body gets the needed nutrients you should consume fiber, veggies and fruits. Still, you should be aware that rapid increase of the intake of these foods can cause more harm than good. Namely, your digestive system will struggle to adjust to the new diet which may cause bacterial gas to form and furthermore it could lead to bloating and a gassy feeling.

  • Exercise

In order to get your intestines moving you should walk at least 15 minutes on daily basis. Still, you should workout for at least half an hour a day and help your digestive tract to function properly and keep you off from bloating.

  • Eat small meals

People who tend to overeat later feel bloated and gassy. Therefore, to avoid tahat you should consume small meals.


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