19 Side Effects Of Dehydration, What Happens If You Don’t Drink Enough Water



Water is the only true elixir of life and it’s ‘affordable’, lucky us. It’s extremely important to drink water in sufficient quantities. After all, our bodies are composed of around 60% water.


Do you know that by the time you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated? If your body is lacking water it can lead to many health problems. But what exactly is your body experiencing due to lack of water? Read the following discoveries regarding the side effects of not drinking enough water.

Side Effects of Dehydration

1. If you don’t drink enough water, you will certainly die. It is a well know fact that humans can live only a few days without water.

2. Lack of water in the body destroys your health. Functions of nearly all of our systems will worsen without the proper water intake. You can decrease the risk of suffering from conditions like colon cancer, heart diseases or kidney stones by drinking more water. Your urinary tract will also stay protected.

3. The lack of water in your body slows your metabolism. You can speed up your metabolism by increasing the water intake.

4. A study have shown that a teenager’s brain can drain if he or she doesn’t consume enough water. While solving a task, individuals that hadn’t been drinking enough water had to use significantly bigger part of their brain.

5. Not drinking enough water causes digestive problems and that brings us to number 6.

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6. Constipation will be next. Enough said about this problem, drink water in order to avoid having trouble with constipation.

7. You’ll end up with dreary eyes and you won’t be able to cry. Major lack of tear production will be caused since there is no water in your body. Dark eye circles are a bonus to this unpleasant state.

8. Having trouble with irregular urination? The most common cause of decreased urine output is the lack of water in the body. The average human body urinates 4-7 times a day. If the urine has a darker color than usually, it’s a sign of dehydration.

9. Premature aging is another problem of chronic dehydration. Water is essential for the vitality and elasticity of the skin. Keep in mind that water irons out wrinkles. Stay wrinkle-proof while you are still young.

10. Your skin will lost its glow and will become dry, more desert-like skin. Sufficient hydration renews the skin and gives a healthier look.

11. Not drinking enough water leads to having dry mouth and that stinks, literally. Keep your mouth moist to avoid having bad breath.

12. Your scalp will also get dry and cause additional problems, like dandruff.

13. Not drinking enough water leads to headaches, and constant headaches lead to migraine. 85% of the brain tissue is water, that’s why a dehydrated brain will be giving you lots of headaches.

14. You are not going to lose weight no matter how much you try. “Drink lots of water” is the first general rule of all dietitians and sport trainers.

15. Reduction in muscle mass is another problem that occurs due to lack of water intake. Drinking enough water will help prevent muscle cramping, improve the strength of the muscle contractions and of course, your muscle response will quicken.

16. Joint pain is another side effect of not consuming enough water because water acts like fuel for the joints and keeps the cartilage hydrated and soft.

17. Lack of water leads to frequent mood swings. Did you know that water improves your mood and decreases stress level? Do not allow dehydration to bounce you around the mood chart.

18. Constant hunger. Did you know that people who had 2 glasses of water before their meal, ate 75-90 calories less. Drinking water before meals will definitely keep your stomach full.

19. Fatigue can also be sign of dehydration. Keep hydrated so your body can function properly. You’ll easily get tired if you drink less water than the preferred amount due to the drop of oxygen levels in your blood.

Make sure that you always drink 8-9 glasses of water per day in order to stay healthy and fit.


Source: healthyofficial


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