11 Amazing And Unusual Ways Of Using Garlic


The garlic is not just good for treating colds and flu, it can be used for various other unusual stuffs. Here are some tips for using garlic which can make your life easier:


1.Cleaning your face with garlic – Instead of using strong chemicals on your skin, use garlic which is natural replacement for them. It contains allicin which has antibacterial properties and it is good for removing fungi and viruses.

2.Removes toothache – If you are not able to visit your dentist, halve one clove from garlic and put it on the sore spot.

3. Stops the ear infection – Garlic can greatly help with its antibacterial properties. It is recommended to pour a few drops of it in the ear and the pain will be reduced.


4. Use it against the fungi on your feet – It is recommended to keep the feet for 30 minutes into basin full of water with garlic. If you do not want to hold your feet in a basin, mix garlic with olive oil and apply it to your legs.

5. Defrost – Use garlic powder to melt the ice and the snow. Pour little garlic powder on the snow or on the ice and see how it magically melts.

6. Close the crack in the glass – Many people declare that this method is uncommon but garlic indeed can fix the crack of the glass. Make movements with the garlic on the cracked glass and after some time the crack will not be visible any more.

7. Fights the acne – You can use it in two ways, you can eat it, because it will also strength your immune system or place it on your acne, slightly to avoid the redness.


8. Take out the thorn – place one piece of garlic on the place where your thorn is and fix it with plaster. Leave it overnight. After you remove the thorn, on that place also you won’t have redness or swelling.

9. Using against pests – For removing the pests from your herbs, simply mix the garlic with water and place it in spray can. Spray the plants with the liquid and you will fix your problem with the bugs and the small pesticides without use of chemicals.

10. Heals the cold – Garlic improves the immune system, helps in fighting the viruses and is good for prevention against colds.

11. Catching fish – Many fishers recommend to put garlic directly to the worm and others recommend to put on the rubber bait and some use butter from garlic.


Source: healthyfoodplans


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