How To Absorb 100% Of Nutrients By Injecting Vitamins Directly Into Your Bloodstream


I’m sure you’ve heard the age-old phrase “You are what you eat” but in light of recent scientific research you should really be thinking of it more along the lines of “You are what you eat, absorb and assimilate.” What this means essentially, is that you could have the healthiest possible diet on paper, but as long as you aren’t absorbing the vitamin and mineral content of these foods, they aren’t doing you as much good as you would hope.


Even if you take vitamin supplements to boost the levels of nutrients in your diet, if you have weak digestion, malabsorption, or are using bad supplements, you aren’t doing yourself any good. Chronic malabsorption will lead to problems down the road – if you aren’t able to absorb sufficient vitamin and mineral content of foods, your body won’t be able to function properly which could lead to all manner of issues.

What are some of the causes of absorption problems, and why aren’t vitamin pills helping? We explore these issues below, as well as take a look at how you can still get the vitamin content your body so desperately needs, thanks to IV vitamin therapy!

Weak Digestion

Over 100 million Americans suffer from digestive problems ranging from heartburn to constipation and bloating. These are all signs that we aren’t digesting our food properly and unfortunately are mostly down to simple biology.

As we age, our bodies can struggle to keep up and continue to do the great job they’ve been doing so far. This is why weight management and general well-being get much harder as we get older. Our bodies struggle to produce as much stomach acid and digestive enzymes as they could when we were younger, both of these being vital for proper digestion, so a lack of either or both could be triggering a deceleration in vitamin absorption. No matter how many you eat.

Stomach Acid

If you suffer from indigestion a lot, this is down to low stomach acid levels. Food sits in your stomach for longer, begins to ferment, and causes the acid to bubble up, producing the burning sensation of heartburn.

Additionally, this leads to a much poorer digestion of foods as it is this initial breaking down of the whole food into its nutrient components, that allows us to properly absorb those nutrients.

Digestive Enzymes

Enzymes do an incredibly important job in our bodies; there are thousands of different enzymes involved in the digestion process, but over time the number of enzymes present in our bodies decreases. Research has also shown that natural enzyme production begins to decline by the time you turn 20.

Additionally, enzyme deficiency occurs in diets that are heavy in processed and sugary foods, as well as if someone has an over-reliance on pharmaceutical drugs. This reduction in enzymes also occurs when foods are heated (as we get enzymes from our food too) which is why raw food diets are gaining in popularity.

90% of nutrient absorption takes place in the small intestine which receives the food after the stomach has begun to break it down.Your pancreas secrets vital digestive enzymes that aid the absorption of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Without these enzymes doing their jobs throughout the digestive process, it is clear that you won’t get the full benefits of any of the foods you eat.

Bad Supplements

You might think supplements are a good solution to turn to to get vital vitamins into your diet. An estimated 140 million Americans certainly do, as this is the amount of people taking vitamin supplements on a daily basis. It’s understandable, on the surface these supplements seem like the quick fix we need to get a large amount of vitamins in one tiny pill.

However, there are actually a lot of problems that can come with taking these pills regularly. Along with the vitamin content, many of them are packed with fillers and preservatives to give them their shape and color, extend their shelf life, and make them easier to swallow. Some of the mass-market big brands contain ingredients also found in hair dyes, pesticides, and glues – to name just a few – which could be doing you more damage than good. Unsurprisingly, with all these extra ingredients, the vitamin content is not as potent as you would hope and they usually yield only a 15% absorption rate.

In a study conducted by Oxford University researchers, 20,000 people were tracked over a 5-year period with half taking daily doses of vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene pills and half taking dummy pills. By the end of the study, those who had been taking the actual pills were no better off than those who had taken the dummies. The researchers concluded, “there is no need to supplement [a diet rich in fruit and vegetables] with vitamin pills”.

IV Vitamin Therapy

So if vitamin pills aren’t the answer to getting higher levels of nutrients in your diet, is there anything you can turn to? IV Vitamin Therapy, or intravenous vitamin therapy, describes the technique in which  vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are delivered directly into the bloodstream through an IV drip.

This bypasses the digestion process, which we have already seen can be quite troublesome, and means that these vital nutrients are delivered directly where they are needed, transported by the blood directly to the areas in which they are most needed.

This not only means that the benefits of the vitamins are able to take effect much more quickly, but also more efficiently. There are IV drips designed to target everything from low energy and mood to muscle recovery, and even aging depending on the specific combination of vitamins in the drops put together by expert nutritionists.

A typical session usually lasts around 40 minutes which gives your body ample opportunity to absorb and put to good use the full range of vitamins in the drip. They can get to work on treating acute and chronic illnesses as well as contribute to general well-being get to work much faster than any mass market multivitamin pill every could – and they do this without filling your body with artificial colors, preservatives, or fillers.

If you decide you want to try getting your dose of vitamins in this innovative way, it is very important to do sufficient research to ensure that you are in the safe hands of experienced professionals. The best clinics will offer initial introductory meetings during which you talk through the process before you have the treatment done.

You should also make sure you take the time to decide which vitamin combination is going to work best for you and your body, think about which vitamins will work efficiently with you, or if there are any that you know you don’t get enough of in your diet. Then simply sit back, relax, and nourish your body.


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