What You Must Know Before You Eat At Subway Again


Subway is preferred by many of us due to the fresh food. But it is shocking news that Subway is not providing the fresh food to us!


Do you know the establishment story of Subway; well it was started by Fred DeLuca a 17-year-0ld kid in the year 1965. He apparently wanted to make some extra money in order to pay the college tuition fees.

Peter Buck was one of his close friends which invested $1,000 to start the business of Fred DeLuca. The company is still owned Fred and Peter but publically it is stated that Subway is a venture of Doctors Associates, Inc.

The Subway’s products are always marketed as healthy and fresh.  The name of Doctors Associates, Inc is used just to make an impression that the food available in Subway is doctor recommended and have high nutritional value. But in reality, the food is neither healthy nor fresh!

We all assume that bread available at Subway are baked fresh and consist of 9-whole grain. But are you aware that this 9-grain bread consists of other 50 ingredients including refined sugar and flour, MSG, and conditioner? Let’s take a look on how the bread at subway is processed before you consume it.

Italian (white) Bread- The main ingredients are Enriched flour, sugar, and water. The enriched flour is actually a combination of niacin, barley malt, wheat flour, thiamin mononitrate, iron, riboflavin and folic acid. In less than 2% of quantity, it consists of the soybean oil, yeast, fermented wheat flour, wheat protein isolate,  salt, dough conditioners and wheat gluten.

The prime dough conditioners used are  (acetylated tartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides, calcium sulfate, ammonium sulfate,  ascorbic acid, potassium iodate, azodicarbonamide, sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate, amylase [enzymes]),  lactic acid, mineral oil, and sulphites.

You can imagine the level of toxic in Subway bread which prefer to use soybean oil instead of olive oil or peanut oil.

If you are a regular customer of Subway, you must have observed that the pickles, peppers, and Subway veggies always looks appetizing and bright. Well, it is not because it is fresh but it is because of the artificial colors which make it look bright and attractive. One more disturbing things are that black olives available at Subway consist of ferrous gluconate which keeps it black for a long time.

So, stop playing with your own health and try to differentiate between chemically fresh and naturally fresh food products.


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Written by Martin

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  1. Kathleen Giacomarra Reply

    When I lived in Jersey they had open a Subway near where I lived. The food was not fresh. Always had to ask them to take away the top meat and give me the fresh meat. Sandwiches where bad an eventually the closed. I also order a sandwich they gave me the wrong one. Chicken, as I ate it I discovered a bone in it. All the said was they do not prepare the food there. No I am sorry or offer me a new sandwich. I still have not heard back from the company when I sent them the bone. Boycott Subway. They don’t care about their customers

  2. sander Reply

    I stopped eating at subway over 20 years ago. I remember the first subways back when the enterprise was new..one choice…only white or wheat, and no regular cold cuts, just the “meat substance” known as “meat” no salami, or special meats, just “meat” and two kinds of cheese and no tomatos, just lettuce, peppers and pickles….that was it…and you would get nauseated from the “meat”, what made it unique at the time was the sandwich was made in front of you….no toasting nothing like that….we still had togos which had a huge menu in comparison…then as subway grew it knew it had to meet the demands of bringing more in to compete with togo’s etc. ……since then sorry, they never grabbed me.

  3. William Horne Reply

    Like any FAST FOOD chain (fast food) it all depends on the Owner, and the Staff as to how the food is. I’m not sure what this persons beef is subway but the Bread at subway is a lot safer and better than oh let’s say the Hamburger BUNS at McDonalds, or Burger King.I only know from a local talk show about some ingredient used in almost all bread made here in the U.S. that has been banned in every other Country in the World, but Subway does not use it in their bread.

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