How To Make Glowing Jar Against Mosquitoes


High summer temperatures always bring the annoying and extremely unpleasant mosquito bites. Anyway, we all know how tough it is to spare ourselves from the unbearable buzzing and itching.


In case you do not want to use different mosquito repellent creams and tablets, then this candle is the real solution for the problem you, and many other, are dealing with. Besides its beautiful smell, and looking very nice, the most important thing is that the candle is highly efficient against these extremely annoying insects.

What you need in order to prepare the abovementioned candle?


  • Small candle
  • A jar
  • Several slices of lemon or lime
  • 2 branches of rosemary or mint
  • Water
  • Several drops of citrus-based essential oil

How to make

Take the mint or rosemary and place it in the jar. Add the slices or lemon or lime and add some water, but remember not to fill the jar all the way. Leave enough room in the jar so you can place the candle. First you need to add the drops of essential citrus oil and then place the candle in the water, without the metal piece.

Light the candle and there you go — the candle against mosquitoes is ready.

In addition, watch the video bellow in order to see the entire procedure on how to properly make the anti-mosquito candle.


Video source: Whitaker Farms & Greenhouses
Source: healthyfoodstar


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