Why Durian Plus Cola Is A Deadly Combination To Eat And Drink



Have you ever heared about Durian and what it can do when combined with Coke? This fruit combined with Coke was fatal for one tourist on Thailand. According to many different reports, this fruit is fatal for humans when combined with several products like milk, Coke, alcohol and coffee.


Kim-Siang Ng said that this 28 year old tourist from China died because he ate plenty of Durian and he drank a lot of Coke. He refers to this combination as a “cobra poison” and he suggests people to avoid drinking Coke after eating durian.

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After this terrible case, even the authorities in Thailand released a warning which adviced people to avoid drinking anything rich in caffeine for 8 hours after eating this fruit.

The Chinese tourist actually experienced caffeine intoxication which was result of surge in blood pressure that caused unexpected cardiac death.

John Maninang and Hiroshi Gemma from the University of Tsukuba conducted a study which revealed that this fatal combination exists. It is fata because Durian fruit is rich in sulfur which impairs alcohol breakdown that can disable the activity of an enzyme that assists to remove toxic products from the organism by up to 70%.

As you can see, the tourist died because the toxins weren’t removed since the enzymes weren’t allowed to finish this task due to the high sulfur content ingested through durian.

Now when you know, make sure never to drink anything that contains caffeine in combination with this fruit.


Source: fhfn


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