10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Lettuce


If lettuce is not frequent vegetable on your table, then it should definitely be. Many years ago, you could have fresh lettuce only in early spring, but today you can find it throughout the entire year in the supermarkets. Lettuce is very powerful vegetable, which can provide you with numerous specific health benefits.


If lettuce cannot often be found on your table, we will now present several reasons why you should consume this vegetable more often. This tasty leafy green vegetable is really very healthy.

1. It can help you in the process of weight loss

Lettuce is filled with huge amount of fiber. It also improves the digestion process and its fiber will help you to discharge excess salt from your organism.

2. It possesses an abundance of proteins

Even 20 percent of lettuce’s calories come from protein.

3. Contains little calories and fats

A bowl of lettuce contains only 30 calories.

4. It maintains the optimum acidity level in your organism

The minerals present in lettuce help in removing toxins from the organism and maintain the optimum acidity level in the organism. This is of great importance because the good acidity level in the organism provides the body with energy, good sleep and affect positively onto the skin.

5. Contains omega-3 fatty acids

Lettuce has perfect ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

6. Low glycemic index

Foods that have low glycemic index, such as lettuce, is highly recommended especially for persons who suffer from high levels of sugar in the blood or for those who want to lose some excess body weight.

7. Against constipation

Lettuce is often used as a great natural remedy against constipation and besides that, it is great regulator for the intestines and the functions they perform.

8. It will provide you good sleep

Lettuce contains the green material called lactucarium, which possesses characteristics similar to opium, but, unlike opium, it does not cause any kind of harmful effects.

9. For healthy heart

Together, vitamin C and beta-carotene in lettuce prevent oxidation of the cholesterol.

10. It has great taste

Lettuce tastes great. You will simultaneously enjoy this vegetable’s taste and will provide your organism with numerous healthy and useful ingredients.


Source: healthyfoodplans


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