Combine Honey And Black Radish For Dry Cough And Bronchitis


When it comes to bronchitis, chronic dry cough in children and adults, use the best natural remedy for treating these diseases- honey and black radish. Due to the natural ingredients, this remedy is both very tasty and extremely useful.


Ingredients needed:

  • 1 small bowl of honey
  • 1 big black radish (around 400 to 500 grams in weight)

How to make:

This medicine should be prepared in the evening and is used the next day.

Wash and dry the radish. In case the radish does not have flat bottom, slice it so it can stay still on its own. Cut the upper part, which you will need later, and carve it but leave its walls with thickness of 2 cm. Fill the radish’s hollow part with honey (little bit more than half)  and “close it” with the top piece you cut earlier. Leave the radish like this overnight.

During the night syrup will be formed in the radish, which is ideal for the treatment of cough. You can start consuming this balmy syrup the very next morning, after you wake up.

How to use:

Consume this medicine 3 to 4 times a day, couple of minutes before meals. Adults can consume 1 tablespoon of the medicine, while children can only intake 1 teaspoon of it.

You will use all of the syrup during the day, so in the evening make yourselves another dose, using the same radish. Change the radish after you have used it three times.


Source: thinkhealthytips

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