This Plant Treat 75% Of All Cancer Types Within 25 Days


Billions of people suffer from cancer all around the world and millions of them die every single day. Luckily, the nature provided us with an extremele beneficial plant that has exceptional medicinal properties when it comes to fighting cancer. This plant is know as Blushwood (Hylandia dockrillii).


Hylandia dockrillii has developed in the north of Queensland, Australia, in the rain forest,  whose traits were scientifically studied for eight years and came to startling data.

300 animals  (dogs, cats, horses, Tasmanian devils)  were artificially induced with tumors of the neck and melanomas, and the application extracts from the berries of this plant cured the tumor in 60% of the cases. According to the researchers, none of cured tumors returned afterwards.

The ingredient contained in berries actually kills tumor cells by directing the blood flow from the infected tissue, thus stimulating the immune system of the organism to actively decompose the tumor.

The best part about this natural remedy is that it has no side-effects.

Sadly, this plant it extremely difficult to grow in areas outside of the northern Queensland. However, there are other plants that have similar effects on tumor and they are everywhere around us. Here are the 3 most effective natural remedies:

Hemp Oil-A Month of Use

A man started using this hemp oil illegally in Croatia, and it changed his life, which was destroyed in the 4 years of using chemotherapy.

This man literally spit the tumor through the mouth and so it is solved forever. After a month of using it, this man was holding his tumor in both his hand.

Cannabis oil really works miracles and cures cancer, which can be confirmed by millions of people around the world who found salvation.

Carrots – 8 Months

Ann Cameron managed to cure cancer in the fourth phase just by drinking carrot juice. She had a surgery of colon cancer in  the third stage  and the situation has worsened because the cancer metasasized to the lungs. That was the fourth stage and she was terminally ill.

When the doctors suggested chemotherapy, she refused and started looking fo alternative methods. She found information about Ralph Cole who cured his cancer thanks to carrot juice (2 pounds of carrot juice per day). Thus she began her healing journey, drinking the same amount.

The only change in her life was the carrot juice. After 8 weeks of drinking carrot juice every single day, CT scan showed that the cancerous tumors have stopped growing. There was a small reduction in tumor and swelling of the lymph nodes. In March 2013, no new tumors, no swollen lymph nodes, and existing tumors continue to decrease.

By July the same year, her results showed that the cancer was completely gone and all swollen lymph nodes returned to normal. It is amazing how the cancer dissapeared after 8 months of drinking carrot juice. Her story was told by all the world’s media, but she is not the only example, there are many people that turned to alternative medicine and managed to cure cancer.


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