BREAKING: Popular Pills Linked To Dementia


Recently, a new study has found that popular allergy and insomnia drugs which are considered to be safe, actually can cause a number of severe health risk.


Some dementia drugs like Dramamine, Advil PN, Unison, and Benadryl are known to contain common anticholinergic drugs. Anticholinergic effect also found in the painkiller Demerol and the antidepressant Paxil.

Actually, this is not the first time experts found a relation between anticholinergic drugs and cognitive decline. Nevertheless, this newest study which published in JAMA Neurology is unique. In this study, researchers of the Indiana University School of Medicine used brain imaging to stipulate the effect of the anticholinergic drugs.

Using MRI and PET scan imaging, the researcher found that the drugs cause lower brain metabolism and higher brain atrophy. Besides, the memory tests also showed worse scores.

n 2015, the scientist at the University of Washington also found that using some anticholinergic sleep aids and hay fever medication continually can increase the risk of dementia. This side effect may appear if you use the drugs for 3 years or more.

There are some other medication that also contain anticholinergic effect including drugs that contain tiotropium which is used I treatment of respiratory disease like COPD and asthma (Atrovent and Spiriva). You also need to be cautious of drugs like Paxil which is used for patients with depression and drugs that contain solifenacin like Vesicare which is used in treating overactive bladder problems.

So next time your doctor prescribes your drugs that contain anticholinergic effect, ensure that you ask for some safer alternatives. If you’re not a proponent of using chemical drugs, you can also try some natural solution as an alternative for your allergies or insomnia issue. Below you can find some natural remedies to treat your allergies and insomnia.

Natural Remedies for Insomnia:

You can avoid the side effect of conventional medicine by using valerian root as to solve your insomnia problem. There are also some foods that can help you get a better sleep. Try to consume food that are high in melatonin including banana, ginger, radishes, and cherries before you go to sleep. One last thing, set your room temperature to 60 – 70 degrees F to lower internal thermometer in your body and stimulate sleepiness.


One thing that can do a great job to solve this problem is essential oil. In 2010, a study that was published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology revealed that peppermint oil can prevent contractions that lead to cough since it act as a relaxant and exhibit antispasmodic activity.

However, you need to avoid giving this remedy to children below 30 months. If you have ragweed allergy, you also need to avoid bananas, chamomile, sunflower seed, melons, cucumber, and Echinacea because they stimulate an allergic response in your system.

Another way to alleviate respiratory problem, soothe the inflammation in the body and strengthen your immune system is by consuming the bone broth from chicken, lamb, or beef.

Remember that you need to consult to your doctor before stopping the use of certain medication or starting some alternative medication.


Source: healthyfoodstar

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