Health Benefits of Juicing Raw Marijuana



Believe it or not, marijuana is actually a vegetable.

The buds and leaves of marijuana are packed with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-cancer compounds, known as CBD (cannabidiols). These compounds make cannabis, or marijuana, a super food.


Don’t Be Confused

However, once marijuana is heated, all of its medicinal properties evaporate and get blown away. Instead of losing the goodness of marijuana, juice raw marijuana plant to be blown away by its healing properties.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychoactive compound that gets released when heating the marijuana plant. But we don’t have to heat this plant to get its healing effects, although a lot of people don’t want medicine to get high.

Our body has built-in cannabinoid receptors. When cannabidiols enter our body, they can normalize the immune functions, cell communication, and other functional systems. In other words, all of your cells and organs will communicate between each other better, and will have a better image of what’s going on inside them to help normalize their functions.

Whole Lotta Love

It’s the same way when people need to communicate between each other and work together to keep a house clean. So, it’s like a healthy relationship.

Our brain has cannabinoid receptors, and it seems that the only way to get cannabidiol is through marijuana. In a way, this plant works as an ideal medicine which makes sure the body’s function is at a maximum performance. However, major athletes will probably disagree.

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The medical expert of marijuana and founder of Cannabis International, Dr. William Courtney, explains that cannabidiols bridge the gap of central nervous system’s neurotransmission by enabling two way communication system which completes beneficial “feedback loop”. This is in contrast with the one-way transmission that supports chronic inflammation.

The natural two-way communication system in our body is mimicked by cannabidiols.

Stairway to Heaven

The Senior Advisor to GW Pharmaceuticals, and a Seattle area physician Dr. Ethan Russo, explains that the endogenous system of cannabinoids functions as a modulator in improving many of these systems. So, if our body has something biochemically deranged, a cannabinoid system will most likely restore the balance.

If you like to obtain the healing benefits of marijuana without smoking and getting high, the best way is to juice this drug. You can even consume more amounts of it to feel better and have your system run more smoothly. What’s more, when juicing marihuana, you can add other veggies and fruits to make various delicious juices.

Communication Breakdown

Inflammation is generally promoted by smoking. This can cause potential dysfunction and infection in the body, or in other words communication breakdown in the human’s body. Many doctors regard vaporizing to be better than smoking, but a lot of them favor edibles instead of vaporizing. However, in order to prepare edibles, you need to heat up the plant. Therefore, juicing marihuana is the best option when referring to medicine.

Juicing Marijuana – 4 Health Benefits

A lot of doctors, including Dr. Courtney, are giving their best to legalize marihuana and incorporate it into conventional diets. According to their researches, using marihuana as a food, rather than smoking it, can help diminish, cure, and prevent:

1. Autoimmune Disorders
2. Cellular Dysfunction
3. Chronic Inflammation
4. Cancer Cells

However, if you have interest in using the healing properties of the drug, make sure you consult a doctor, and not a dealer. Currently, it’s only legal in Washington, Colorado, Oregon, and Alaska, but its medicinal use has been allowed in 23 other states.


Source: healthyfoodusa


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