This Things You Should Do Before You Go To Sleep


Things we say to ourselves before going to bed have a great effect for good night sleep, experts claim.

Read what kind of things you should say to yourselves every night when you go to bed:


1. I am strong

The point is to focus on your goals, achievements and positive characteristics of your personality. Accept yourselves as you are and you will certainly have happier life.

2. I am grateful because…

Believe it or not, practicing gratitude increases the level of happiness, it also positively affects onto the entire organism, and it can help you achieve having better sleep at night.

This is why you ought to remind yourselves what you are grateful for each night when you go to sleep.

3. Let things unfold naturally

Researches have shown that if we go to sleep while being very angry, having a good night sleep in nearly impossible. Try to get rid of negative energy at least before you are going to sleep, and, then, the next morning try to think about what got you angry in the first place, with a clear head.

4. I will find peace

If you are one of those people who roll in the bed for hours trying to fall asleep, then you should try repeating the above mentioned phrase because it might help you.

5. What can i do to make things better?

Regardless of whether you are about to deal with a certain problem or you are simply going through some rough period of your life, asking yourself the precise and correct question before going to sleep can really help you with overcoming the struggle you are having.


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